About Us

Artist Statement

My abstract nature photography explores the theme of impermanence. The colours of a sunset reflected on water, bright autumn leaves and beautiful flowers -— the subject matter of the photos you see here -— can only be enjoyed for a short period of time before they fade away. The photographic techniques used also emphasize this theme. Using a slow shutter speed, panning and in-camera multiple exposures all dissolve the shapes and mix the colours to produce an impressionistic watercolour-like effect. These approaches emphasize the ephemeral quality of the subject matter. When printed on light, shimmering or translucent fabrics and worn, these effects are even more pronounced. I see this as a metaphor of our transient passage on this earth. Beauty is all around and in us. Seize the day. – Joseph Calleja

Artist Bio

A native Torontonian, I hold dual Canadian and Maltese citizenships. My studies in drama, set and lighting design, painting, graphic design and photography have given me an excellent foundation in design and art. I have been a professional graphic designer for the past twenty years and about fifteen years ago I turned my passion for design and photography into my artform. I have had several exhibitions since then. Recently I have combined my design, photography and artistic talents to create fashion and home décor accessories. I am embarking on a new stage in my life by opening my home-studio to the public, giving me the ability to exhibit my work on an ongoing basis. I love making people feel connected to eachother and the world through my creations. 

You can see more of my photography at callejaphotography.com.


"I love my Calleja scarves: luscious colours, sensuous designs and total luxury. Perfect for putting the finishing touch to what I'm wearing." – F. Somerset

"I love my Calleja scarf! From the Bodies of Water collection, it has brilliant blues that look great on me, being a fair blue-eyed kind of gal! A generous size and shaped in a square, it's very versatile… I can wear it in different styles, for both casual and formal occasions. One neat discovery…it's like two scarves in one…I can vary the mood by flipping over to the 'wrong' side of the scarf for softer shades of blue when that suits my mood or what I'm wearing. As for the silk…luxurious! Makes me feel good to be wearing art created by a Canadian designer! As a gift to yourself or someone in your life..you can't go wrong with a Calleja scarf!" – N. Shields